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August 9, 2023

TJ, Face of a Rescue

He seems wise for his age like he had to learn, earlier than most puppies would, a thing or two about survival. He is a large dog, not quite a year old, who sometimes behaves like the puppy he is and other times like the old man he will become one day. He was chosen for his new life because the owners he shared his old life with no longer wanted him, and his new owners had space for another dog, another family member in their pack. They found him on Craig’s list “free to a good home” and fell in love with his beautiful face and soulful eyes.

So the new family drove to another state, picked him up, and brought him home with them along with his worms, parasitic skin rash, and skinny frame. TJ’s physical needs were the easy fix, requiring proper food and a few vet visits for diagnosis and treatment. His fear and shyness are a different story; emotional needs that will take more time and attention to improve. Only consistent and unconditional patience, love, and kindness will heal TJ’s emotional scars, and help him learn to trust his new family and to feel safe in his new home.

TJ is learning a few new rules so he can live amicably with the others in his new family pack. The new family pack is also learning a few important lessons. With TJ, days and nights are different in mainly pleasant, sometimes unexpected ways. As TJ ages into his toddlerhood he, like any toddler needs frequent correction and a liberal use of the word no. TJ and his new pack are growing in tolerance and understanding of one another everyday. Because TJ is loved, he loves in return with hugs, and licks, and a deep desire to please. TJ is a rescue dog whose owners now understand that rescuing is a two way street; and that love often arrives on four paws.