About Me

artist & writer

I am an artist and writer living in the golden isles of Georgia, telling my truth through the visual and written stories I create about things meaningful to me. My most successful paintings and writings draw others into the stories told and make connections between me, the artist/writer, and them, the viewers/readers.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember; practicing creative writing mainly for myself and more technical writing for students in an academic setting. Since at least 2015, I have had the time to paint regularly (often daily) in a small studio inside my home. Over the years, many wonderful mentors/teachers have shared art and writing methods with me through group and individual study. Yet, I know that my dedicated personal practice has been the greatest influence on my professional growth as both an artist and a writer.

Picking up a pen to put words on paper is as natural to me as is picking up a brush to put colors on canvas. While I have shared and sold my paintings for some time now, it is only recently that I decided to do the same with my writings. Sometimes something I write inspires a painting; other times something I paint inspires me to write; and just as often something written or something painted stands alone. I love the process and welcome whatever outcomes my creative source cultivates.

Vincent Van Gogh asked: “I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” My answer is yes, right now they are enough for me.

Thanks for reading.

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